Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Commit to Your Shot!

Quite often, when we hit a great golf shot we usually have a feeling that we are going to hit the ball well. It's a wonderful feeling of confidence and composure. Then there are those times when you talk yourself into hitting a ball poorly or missing an easy putt. This is usually due to negative thoughts or lack of commitment.

It is very important that you do all your golf thinking and decision making away from the golf ball so when you walk into the shot, all you have to do is react to your target and execute. This will keep your mind quiet and your body free of unwanted tension. You must separate where you think about the shot from where you execute it. It's the difference between a THINK BOX verses a PLAY BOX. Separating the two boxes is the COMMITMENT LINE.

In the THINK BOX, you should visualize the shot from behind the ball. Try this next time you go out to play. Before you step into each shot, stand behind the ball and visualize the shot that you are going to hit. You are now in the THINK BOX. Be decisive about the swing you are going to use, the club you have chosen, and try to remember a time when you have hit that same club very well and tune into that feeling. Get as many positive thoughts as you can.

As you walk from behind the ball and set up to your golf ball you cross the "commitment line." Before you cross the commitment line and walk into the play box, you must commit and stay committed to four things:

1. the club you have chosen

2. the shot you are going to hit

3. the swing you have chosen to use

4. your ability to do it Once over the ball, you are in the PLAY BOX and must be confident and relaxed in your golf swing.

If you start to question any of the four you must back away and get yourself refocused. Remain positive and trust your club selection and golf swing. Your natural ability will take it from there. If you are more prepared with each shot and think less over the ball, I guarantee better results and less stress throughout your golf round.

TIP: State your intention with each shot. Tell yourself what you are going to do, then go do it. On your short shots, take the same actions but take a couple practice swings right next to the ball. Rehearse the shot exactly the way you want to hit the ball with the same length swing and tempo. Create the exact feel that you want for the specific shot then simply set up and let your body repeat the feel. Do not give yourself time to think or to become tense over the golf ball. This leads to mishits. Focus on your landing spot and allow your body to repeat the same swing you rehearsed.

Remember: Mechanics Produce - Feel Reproduces! Stay committed and you will play better golf

By Krista Dunton, PGA.com
Problem Area: Off The Tee
Series: Instruction Feature

Monday, May 23, 2011

Improve Your Sand Play With This Easy Drill

This is a great bunker drill from one of my PGA friends and Director of Instruction for the PGA of America, Joseph Hallett.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Improve Your Coordination & Power with this Simple Exercise

Pelvis Disassociation Exercise
- Begin in a mid-iron posture with arms crossed in front of your chest

- Slowly turn your pelvis and hips to the right and back to the left without moving your shoulders and chest.

- Do this exercise in front of a mirror to make sure your shoulders and chest do not move with your pelvis and hips.

Core Disassociation Exercise
- Begin in the same starting position, but this time you will be keeping your pelvis and hips stable and still while you move your shoulders and chest.

When you are able to perform these exercises easily you can create the potential for greater power on the downswing and greater club-head speed through the impact zone.

this exercise comes from the book Golf Anatomy by Craig Davies and golf tips by Shaun Barnes, PGA

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Short Game Pivot for Better Shots

Here is a terrific tip on proper lower body movement by fellow PGA Professional Brian Manzella from PGA.com:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Easy Drills to Help Lower Your Scores

Stay in your posture

To make a shot go higher, it's tempting to lift your upper body and try to help the ball in the air. It's also a reason you don't hit iron shots solidly.

To hit low or high shots with your irons, your posture should stay exactly the same. The only thing that changes is how your arms and hands release through impact.

A very easy way to see this is to throw a ball down the range underhanded with your right hand from your golf setup. Throw the ball down directly in front of you, and you've got the feel for a low shot. Throw the ball into the air and down the range, and you've got the feel for a high shot.

Work your back and shoulders

The rope drill is a quality way to add speed and technique to your shoulder turn while maintaining a great spine angle. Loop a jumprope around a table leg or post and grab one end in each hand. Feel as if you're starting a lawn mower with each arm, while keeping your head steady. Go for 20 repetitions per set and three sets, feeling a nice weight transfer to the left side during each rep. You'll increase your range of motion and power and improve your swing tempo.

By Jerry King with Matthew Rudy
Photo Illustrations By Jim Luft
Photos By J.D. Cuban

Read More http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/breaking90_gd0804#ixzz1FOjqmi6T

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Haggin Oaks & Tom Morton Win Seven Awards @ 2011 PGA Merchandise Show

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Haggin Oaks Golf Complex & Staff Win Seven Different Awards At 2011 PGA Merchandise Show
The Haggin Oaks Golf Complex & its staff in Sacramento, CA won seven different prestigious industry retail awards at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida in January 2011. They were:

2011 Golf Digest Magazine Top 100 Clubfitters In America
2011 Golf Range Magazine Top 100 Driving Range in America
2011 Golf World Magazine Top 100 Golf Shop
2011 Golf World Magazine Best Use of Social Media
2011 Links Magazine- Top 25 Municipal Golf Courses in the United States
2010 PGA of America Top 100 Play Golf America Golf Facility
2010- VP of Coaching & Clubfitting Tom Morton named 2010 US Kids Master Kids Teacher of the Year

The retail golf shop & merchandising awards highlight the rich history of the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop, a 15,000 square foot on-course oasis doubled in size in March of 2007. Highlights include a huge on-course Nike clothing concept shop, a huge Adidas concept apparel store-in-store, a brand new Ashworth concept store, an astonishing 1000 square foot putting green with two realistic full-size trees in the middle surrounded by over 700 putters, a new golf bag department with nearly 1000 golf bags and the new outdoor fitting studio called the Players Performance Studio. Invention even meets nostalgia in the remarkable transformation of a 1929 Ford Model T truck into a most ingenious Callaway golf ball display.

As for the driving range award, Haggin Oaks and Morton Golf installed nearly 20,000 square feet of synthetic turf out on the range in 2007 and designed 6 state-of-the-art raised target greens for golfers' practice needs on this 100 stall 24-hour driving range. Players Turf, the same company used by the PGA Merchandise Show, was hired to put in these incredibly realistic targets. Players Turf synthetic grass products have the softest and longest fibers in the industry. This is important for appearance, realism, and longevity of the product. This quartz resists compacting and retains realistic reaction.

Tom Morton, the Director of Instruction & Clubfitting for Haggin Oaks as selected as one of elite professionals who have dedicated their careers to developing youth golf in their communities and are known for their overall excellence and commitment to serving youth. They have demonstrated the ability to organize, administer, and teach at a very high level and are recognized by their peers and students as role models for the youth in their programs. This very experienced group of men and women has made a commitment to helping kids not only learn the game of golf, but also develop a love for the game that lasts far beyond their days in junior golf.

Managed by Morton Golf, the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento (at the Capital City Freeway). For more information, call (916) 481-GOLF.