Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Hit Those Dreaded Long Irons

It is one of the toughest shots for most amateurs to hit -- the dreaded long iron. One of the biggest problems people have with the long irons is a misconception on what makes a good long iron shot. Here are a few keys to remember to help you hit consistent long iron shots.

1.) Remember that long irons still have plenty of loft. It is important to concentrate on "striking" the ball rather than "scooping."

2.) Using a longer club creates the tendency of a harder swing. It is important to still swing smoothly with your long irons.

3.) If you do not own hybrids...you should.

There are a couple of simple drills you should practice to improve your long iron play:

a.) Practice swinging with your right arm only. This will create a consistent swing path and allow you to strike the ball more consistently.

b.) Another drill to practice is to take about a 75% backswing, accelerate through the ball, and finish your follow-through at 50%. This will create greater club head speed through the hitting zone, rather than using energy on a long follow-through, after the ball has been struck.

Source: PGA.com

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