Sunday, January 17, 2010

Choosing the Right Golf Coach is as Easy as 1-2-3

The game of golf can be very intimidating, both when one is just learning the game and for those that have played for some time. Taking golf lessons is a great way to improve your game and help to alleviate the intimidation factor. Choosing the right golf coach is a very important part of the process and a detail people often do not spend enough time on. Utilizing the “3 F’s” can help simplify and speed up the selection process and allow the student to have a great experience while improving their game.

1. Fun: Golf is a recreational activity and something that someone chooses to do that perhaps takes them away from their family or work, thus it should be a lot of fun to make the time away well worth it. The student should take a few minutes and speak to the potential golf coach, whether in person or over the phone, before signing up for lessons and get a feel for their excitement and attitude towards the learning process. Does the golf coach get really excited when discussing what they do with their students or does it seem like it is just another task they perform during the day? Does it appear that the coach mixes up what they do during a series of lessons, i.e., short game, full swing, playing lessons, etc.? Get a feel for the golf coach’s personality and demeanor so that it is a fit with yours to ensure you will have fun. After all, golf is a game that IS fun!
2. Focused: During the pre-screening process a student should make sure that the golf coach has a plan in mind for your game. Just because the coach hasn’t seen you hit a ball doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have a general plan of attack for someone of your skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Have the coach talk through what plans they have developed with their other students of like abilities. Does the coach start the lessons around the green and work back to the full swing in order to build the proper foundation? Does the coach understand the different types of learning styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) and focus the information to the student in the appropriate way to ensure the best chance for success? Does the coach ask about what your goals and objectives are so that the lessons can be focused on achieving them? Having a coach with a clear focus and plan for YOUR game gives you the best chance to be your best!
3. Follow-Up: When talking to your potential golf coach discuss what kind of communication and follow-up takes place in between lessons. Does the coach keep track of what happens during each session? Will you be receiving an email after each lesson delivering the notes and thoughts about what was discussed? Does the coach promote communication between student and teacher as a mandatory piece to achieving your goals, both during and in between lessons? Does the coach ask you to follow up in regards to how practice or play is going in between sessions either by email, phone or in person? Follow up keeps the student and coach connected and ensures that both YOU and the coach are always moving in the same direction.

A great golf coach wants to be your “total golf guardian” and views the relationship between student and coach as a lifetime commitment. Take the time before choosing a coach and utilize the “3 F’s” to make sure the coach is a fit for you. It will be well worth the extra time and your golf game will thank you for it!

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  1. Thank you for being such a great coach!!! I lucked out when I ended up with you because I had no idea what to look for. These are some good tips for anyone who is not lucky enough to have you as their teacher.