Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep Your Swing Sharp During Rainy Days

As I look outside and notice that it is raining cats and dogs an idea for a topic popped into my head. Most golfers are pretty crazy about improving and finding new ways to stay sharp, even during inclement weather. Here are a couple quick ideas to help cure your golf fix and make you better at the same time:

1. Take an old long iron (like a 3 iron that hopefully you have replaced with a hybrid by now) and have it cut down to half the size and have a trainer grip added to it. You now have a club that you can make practice swings with in the house without the worry of knocking down some lights or severely hurting the family pet. The "short club" allows you to better understand the relationship between the club face and your hands as you can see the club face during the whole swing with the shortened shaft. The grip trainer also ensures that you grip the club correctly.

2. Look into getting a training aid that you can swing around the house and will add value when you actually hit the course. A great new training aid is the "Orange Whip" that we offer in the Haggin Oaks Super Shop. This swing trainer has multiple purposes that I have seen make an incredible difference in my students' motions, both in the full swing and in the short game. Take a look below at some of the ways it can be used.

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