Thursday, February 4, 2010

Improve Your Putting by Gripping for Feel

If you have decided to stop tinkering with your putting stroke and worrying whether you have a "straight back and thru" motion or an "open to closed arc type stroke", focus only on two simple putting grip tips, and you will immediately hit more solid putts that drop in the hole more often. First, make sure the putter grip is in line with your right forearm, not hanging below it (small pictures). This helps the putter swing more naturally on the correct plane without having to focus on it. Second, set your hands so the grip runs through the lifelines of your palms so that you're holding the handle mostly with your fingertips (large picture). When you were a kid and hoping to "stay in between the lines" while coloring with your crayolas you probably found that you had more success when holding the crayons in your fingertips. Doing this created much more feel...and that is exaclty what you need to do to improve your putting.

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