Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Should Be More Like Kids...

As I was watching my 2-year-old son take swings today I realized that my students and I can learn a lot from him. You can see from the videos that his grip, stance, and posture are not quite "perfect"...and I have a feeling that he is not too concerned about where his "swing plane" is. What he does have however is a "no-fear", "I can do it" attitude that causes him to relax and just swing away with no worries of what the result might be. It is this type of approach that would make us all better golfers while increasing our enjoyment exponentially. I know the next time I go either practice or play (which unfortunately has not been too often as of late) that I am going to remember watching my son and the lesson that he taught me today...which is to smile and address the ball with whatever skills you bring to the table and swing away with no concern over what the result will be, all the while being excited to stand up and do it again!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, look at that straight shot! Wish I could swing like your two year old!!
    This is my favorite of your blogs so far... keep up the good work!