Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rough Made Easy

I found a nice tip on how to handle shots out of the rough from today and thought that I would pass it on to all of you...

Playing shots from the rough requires good judgement. First and foremost, be sure to use a club with plenty of loft, even if it means not reaching the green.

If the ball is deep in the rough with grass behind the ball, do not attempt to hit a fairway wood, medium or long iron. Use a short iron (7 or less) to put the ball back in play in the fairway.

These adjustments will also help (reverse for lefties) :

1. Grip the club firmly with your left hand to prevent the clubhead from twisting.

2. Aim slightly to the right -- the clubhead will tend to shut closed as it moves through the grass.

3. Position the ball right of center in your stance.

4. Hover the clubhead on top of, not down into, the grass.

5. Swing the club up steeply and HIT DOWN sharply, striking the ball first.

By following these swing suggestions, you should find escaping the rough is not as rough as it looks.

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